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Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Preflight Request Caching in Webapi and C#

Written by Sepp Wijnands on Tuesday 5 November 2013 in webapi

If you want to be able to make Cross-Domain JSON requests from a web client you are probably already familiar with CORS.

In broad terms, CORS is a mechanism that gives HTTP servers the ability to control whether a cross domain XHR request from a client is allowed or should be rejected.

A HTTP server can accept or reject a client on several different criteria, some of these are:

  • The origin from the client (the domain from which the request comes from, supplied by the Origin HTTP header)
  • The request method (POST, GET, etc...)
  • Additional HTTP request headers (X-ZUMO-APPLICATION, etc...)
  • Credentials such as cookies and/or user authentication

Depending on which magic combination of features you use (from the above list) in a request, the browser will first issue a so called Preflight Request to the server before putting your actual request through.

It does this for every request you make, which might not be what you want.

Our international website is finally live!

Written by Sepp Wijnands on Thursday 22 August 2013 in news

A couple of weeks ago we created a .NET implementation of the excellent referer-parser* project from Snowplow Analytics.

Our contribution was accepted with great enthusiasm and very quickly integrated into the main branch of the referer-parser project.

On top of this Alexander Dean (co-founder and technical lead at Snowplow Analytics) was very kind to give us a mention on their blog. However, we were very ashamed to need to tell Alexander that we did not have an international of our website available.

So with that in mind, we have been hard at work @ iPerform Software the last couple of weeks to correct that fact and, get an international website out of the door as quick as possible.

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